Using the Valley Giant Cams

Rock climbing and mountaineering have many inherent risks and dangers. Never rely solely on equipment to ensure your safety. Training, experience, good partners and common sense are also required. Before you use a Valley Giant cam, you must first obtain proper climber safety training, and already have considerable experience properly using other climbing gear, including (but not limited to) placing and using smaller camming devices. The Valley Giant cams are for experienced and advanced climbers only. They are not for beginners or novices.

Valley Giants may be used in a manner similar to other climbing cams

TRIGGER LOCK - When carrying the Valley Giant on the gear rack, a simple and effective trigger lock can be employed to reduce the bulk of the cam. To deploy the Valley Giant, simply insert it into a crack, and then slide the perlon loop off the cable spacer bar, allowing the lobes to expand outward. When storing your Valley Giant cam for long periods of time, leave the trigger lock disengaged. NOTE: the trigger lock cord is not a clip-in loop!

FLARED CRACKS - For flared crack placements, it is sometimes advantageous to allow the trigger wire to slide through the trigger bar, so that the two sets of lobes can act independently of each other.After placing the Valley Giant in a flared crack, you can slide the trigger bar up a bit on the wires, and completely disengage the two sets of lobes from each other. This is usually only necessary in severely flaring, or stepped cracks.